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Cooking with style

Sinis Table is sailing, nature, cooking, sea tales, and more!

It’s a roundtable assembling friends, amazing people, ideas, projects and changes.sinis table

New deeds, new challenges, great results, setbacks and paybacks. These are just part of the ingredients you can find in the meals on this roundtable. A perfect blending of real and unreal, these ingredients can be found in Sinis and any other place they can get to.

sinis table  Our brand is made up of the wild fennel and  sinis table the Cabras mullet, which embody unique flavors and a remarkable identity.

sinis tableThe fork, because we created, and we still create, our projects while sitting at this table and enjoying simple but delicious meals;

And the sea, our main theme and source of inspiration, which still inspires us and leads us. Dreams come true too.

sinis table

Latest from Blog

News and photographs, often by the Sinis, Montiferru, Sardinia and the world. Daniela Meloni, curator of the blog, interviewed the Sinis Table guests. She travels, watches, cooks. She writes about the most unusual, intense and curious things. Enjoy the Sinis and this world around the table, through these photo shots, imagine it with these few lines. Sit down at this table to develop this idea with her.

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