The sailing boat experience

Become a member of our sports association Limolo Activities ASD, and get access to sailing programmes and courses, day trips and other sports activities at sea and on land, as well as active tourism. Sailing in Sardinia, crystal clear waters below breath-taking rocks shaped by the wind: learn how to sail or improve your sailing skills in the Gulf of Oristano and in the unique setting of the Marine Reserve Sinis – Mal di Ventre.

Sailing course in 4 to 10 lessons

Choose the frequency that best fits your demands. Both for beginners and experts. Learn how to sail the boat, the manoeuvres with the sails and how to moor it, as well as all the roles of the crew. The courses are carried out from March to May and from October to December two afternoons a week, and from June to September during weekends from Friday to Sunday.


  • briefing on the boats, equipment, basic physics, safety at sea. The main knots used at sea.
  • Navigation and manoeuvres. The roles: instruction and learning of all the roles of the crew.
  • Lessons on nautical charts, mooring and manoeuvres in the harbour, maritime communication.

Contact us to know which course is right for you and get ready to be a member of the crew.

One day of sailing

Be a part of our crew for a day. You’ll be fascinated by the navigation with sails in the Marine Reserve of Sinis – Mal di Ventre. You’ll get the chance to enjoy the views of the impressive Capo San Marco, the promontory with the ancient city of Tharros, the tower of Seu or quite simply be astonished by the clear blue waters around the island of Mal di Ventre. This sailing experience is unique with its gybing and tacking, hoisting and hauling of sails on our classical sailing boats.


  • 9 am, pleasure harbour of Torre Grande: briefing and presentation of the sailing boats, instruments on board, navigational and manoeuvre programme.
  • 9.30 am: departure: we sail towards the promontory of Capo San Marco and the Natural Reserve of Seu or the island of Mal di Ventre.
  • 1 pm: a break for swimming and a light lunch with the crew
  • 2 pm: afternoon sailing
  • 4 pm: return to the pleasure harbour of Torre Grande

On demand, we can supply snorkelling, diving and SUP equipment. It is possible to make half day tours.
Come with us on our boats. Contact us to know when the next tour is and to get to know your crew.

A weekend or more of sailing

Sailing course, navigation, sleeping on-board for one or more nights with destinations like Mal di Ventre, the bay of Santa Caterina, Bosa or Alghero, dependingon the time available and the weather forecast. Nights anchored in a bay, advanced technical anchoring lessons, safety rules and on-board instruments.

Contact us to get the navigation programmes and to get to know your crew.