Sail 4 Parkinson

Projected for Parkinson patients and caregivers: what it is. 

Sail 4 Parkinson is an experimental project for  people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers.

The main goal of this project is to combine pharmacological therapies and several cognitive, physical, intellectual activities. All of this within a spectacular marine and natural environment, the wonderful Sinis and Cagliari – Montiferru coasts in Sardinia.  We made up a constructive experience to help all Parkinson’s disease sufferers strengthen their immune system and psychophysical conditions. Sail 4 Parkinson enables patients to develop all the techniques, pieces of knowledge, incitements and motivations   needed for managing  their daily lives.

parkinson Daniela Meloni Giulio Ricci

Among their partners, Sail 4 Parkinson include Limolo Activities and Daniela Meloni, who are in charge of sailing activities and feeding.  Other people running and associated with Sail 4 Parkinson are: Parkinzone Onlus and neurologist Dott Nicola Modugno, director Imogen  Kusch and the theater company of Klesidra, psychologist Silvia Della Morte, musicians Andrea Mieli and Didier Caria, and a team of physiotherapy, patient care, sport, cooking and feeding experts.

Now in its seventh edition, Sail 4 Parkinson has evolved over the past two years. Beside perfecting schedules and methods, the project started getting successful results with patients and their caregivers. In particular, the former saw their own health improve.

How: activities to promote the health.

Sailing: 5 lessons given by  Daniela Meloni (Limolo Activities) and her sailing team. 

Learning to arrange the boat, to coil a line, turn the handle of a winch, to heave and strike the sails, to haul in and slacken the sheet, to tie and untie knots, to keep your balance aboard. parkinson

Intense days at sea will be spent to help patients sharpen their gestural expressiveness, manual ability, balance, concentration and problem solving in case of need. They will gradually explore new, underestimated potentialities by learning how to handle the sail boat and themselves autonomously.

Limolo Activities skipper, Daniela Meloni, devised the training method for Parkinson’s disease sufferers. In doing so, she made a few changes to the classical method.

The more evident goals they achieve in such an energizing environment, the more self-confident they will be. (read the report about Regata Legionari Porto Rotondo on the Sinis Table blog)  parkinson modugno

Doctor’s opinion: Doctor Nicola Modugno, neurologist , head of the Parkinson’s disease and motor disorders center (I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed, Pozzilli IS).

nicola modugno parkinsonSailing turned out to be an all-round sporting activity. It fosters the progress of effective outdoor gym drills needed for the management of a sail boat. Practicing will enable patients to exercise their motor control and coordination and their stamina.    Thus, con una tecnica che proviene dalla preparazione degli attori chiamata la tecnica delle

Acting: Parkinson’s disease patients and the five-action method. Imogen Kusch, director. 

parkinson imogen kusch

While working with patients, we often use a technique from acting trainings.   Known as the five-action method, this technique aims at whetting the patients motor skills through the involvement of their minds, bodies, spirits and self-consciousness. Acting is perceived as a form of art therapy here.



Throughout the Sail4Parkinson project, you can always hear music. Our exercises with lines are beaten by saxophonist and flute player Andrea Mieli and singer and keyboard player Didier Caria. Their live soundtrack also acts as the background music of relaxation mome-

sail 4 parkinson nicola modugno didier cariants with Imogen Kusch and his work about  the five-action method.  Music in the

projects is meant to teach us the meaning of “here and now”.



Cooking together and paying attention to a proper diet. Daniela Meloni and dinners at  Limolo. Leonardo Marongiu Cooking Class at  Hub restaurant (Macomer).

It’s also necessary to see to eating as a fundamental aspect of individual well-being. Often Parkinson’s disease sufferers are overweight due to their symptoms and their carelessness about what they eat. What we want to do in the project is to make both patients and companions / escorts / assistants aware of healthy eating.    All dishes served in our meals, including typical Sardinian recipes, contain fresh local ingredients.

Sail 4 Parkinson Light lunches and part of dinners are provided by Daniela from Limolo Activities. Light lunches are protein-free content for experimental reasons, as we want to check L-DOPA absorption in the afternoon and in the evening.   About quantity and combinations, dishes are designed to highlight the match between taste and simplicity.

sail 4 Parkinson Hub Macomer


A real Cooking Class is being held by Chef Leonardo Marongiu,  Hub restaurant in  Macomer.



Working with a psychotherapist, Doctor SIlvia Della Morte. 

silvia della morte parkinsonAll moments lived in Sail4Parkinson arouse emotions every day. Therapeutic work aims at strengthening team energy. All this through individual and team awareness moments, where the participants are encouraged to describe their own feelings and rearrange new, solid lifestyles in the future.

Several activities, one single project, lots of results. 

The whole idea is to practice every feasible activity at sea and on earth, so that an adaptable format could be used based on the weather conditions. Thus, patients will manage to get out of their ruts and gradually get aware of their potentialities, reinforcing their resilience.

It will take patients a few days to get more self-confident, determined, happy, enthusiastic and sociable. After that, they will often come to improve their motor skills.Doctor Nicola Modugno, Medic, Neurologist

Thanks for photos to photographer Vittorio Andreatta Sail 4 Parkinson Vittorio Vik Parky





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