Summer Sailing Course

Sailing & Cooking, the combination of Outdoor activities, Sardinian culture and gourmet gastronomical art. The perfect coexistence of  passions.

The course is five days long and takes place on the west coast of Sardinia, in the region of Marine Procted Area Sinis – Mal di Ventre. We use a classic Sparkman&Stephens Galatea sailing boat: fast,powerful and soulful. sailin lesson Sparkman&Stephens Limolo Participants have a 5-night/6-day stay in Limolo B&B (Cabras): where you’ll find comfortable rooms and spacious common areas in a refurbished typical Sardinian house tastefully adorned with the colours of the sea.

Typical of regatta and sailing school teams, the sharing of a rhythm and   experiences together strengthens crew spirit and creates a natural team building environment, which adds an even greater value to the course.

Half vela & cucina Limolo programmaof each day is spent sailing and the rest is left for you to discover the sea along the Sinis coast. During the day, you’ll be served gourmet light lunches and in the evenings, you’ll learn the secrets of Sardinian cuisine under Daniela’s supervision to prepare and taste the finest meals from Sardinia and beyond. Based on an interactive teaching method, the course consists of theory lessons and outings to sea, where participants will come to learn and practice all of the basic sailing manoeuvres. The main goal of this course is to enable its participants to handle the boat safely and autonomously.

In the evening you will taste the delicacies of the place in cheerful dinners all together in the best places of Cabras.


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Day 1: Briefing on board. An explanation of the equipment, some basic physics, maritime safety and how to tie common knots. We’ll practice rigging a board the boat in the port during a two-hour lesson. Depending on arrival time either a light lunch or snacks will be provided.corso vela Limolo

Day 2: A one-hour theory lesson. We’ll take the boat out sailing until 2.00 pm. Subjects: the first rigging moves (veering) and the roles of the crew. Light lunch will be served. We’ll return to shore at 2.00 p.m.

Day 3: An initial explanation of chart work, signaling and routes. A sailing tour until 2.00 pm will then follow. The lesson will focus on how to perfect veering, practice steering at the helm and ensure a sound understanding of the roles played by crew members aboard the boat. A light lunch will be served.

Day 4: Sailing tour until 2.00 pm. You’ll learn to steer and jibe as we sail to Seu Oasis. A light light lunch will be served.

Day 5: A full-day of sailing until 6.00 pm to Mal Di Ventre. Today teaching will include dead reckoning, rigging, routes, speed, anchorage cousine Limolo Daniela Meloni and single buoy mooring. Day 6: A sailing tour in the evening. Rigging and roles of crew members put to the test. Aperitif served on board.

Dates and Costs

Availability period: June 2019- August 2019.Contact us to confirm exact dates.

Sailing courses Costs: €350,00 per person (June 2019-July 2019);€400,00 per person (August 2019).

Costs included: Six-day sailing course on a 42 ft Galatea Sparkman & Stephens sailing boat, light lunch on board during sailing time. Contact us for any informations about accomodations and every thing you need to realize your active holiday

Location: Sinis and Montiferru

Being amidst the wilderness, yet easily accessible SinisMontiferru coastline makes a fitting sinis location for this program. The sea is beautiful and there is the perfect breeze to sail. It’s also full of cooking traditions, history, breathtaking views and archaeological sites. During your spare time, you can explore both the coastline and the local area and should you wish to undertake any “extra activities”you can get in touch with Limolo and we’ll be sure to arrange it for you.


Extra activities

Surf, Windsurf. Stand Up Paddling. Drifting. Kayak. Snorkeling. Mountain Biking. Off-road. Trekking. Is Aruttas Yula SambuyRubber boat outings. Photography Daniela Limolo outdoorlessons held by French photographer Laurence Vetù. Bird Watching. Visiting Cantina Contini. Visiting the lovely town of Cabras, its quaint streets, typical houses and fresh produce markets.Visiting the Museum of Cabras and the Archaeological Site of Tharros.



Who is Sailing & Cooking for?

Our program welcomes people of all ages and activity levels, no prior experience of any sort is required. If you love nature, sailing course Limolo Sinisenjoy healthy living and are longing fora unique and exhilarating holiday in a beautiful part of Sardinia, this is for you! Families with children are most welcome to take part in this program too.In fact,it would be the perfect opportunity for a family to engage in creative, stimulating and memorable activities together!The number of participants can vary from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8.Vela & Cucina gruppo