Hiking & Gourmet. Sardinian Spring

Hiking & Gourmet is an active tourism program that is carried out with several local experts on the hiking sinis limoloenvironment and outdoor activities.We’ll spend four days immersed in culture, botany, archaeology and cooking. Nature is at the heart of the Is Arutascourse, specifically the beautiful flowers that fill Sardinia with their intense aromas and vibrant colours each spring.

Hiking: Sinis, Montiferru, Marmilla and Costa Verde will be explored in search of the beautiful views that they have to offer. Gourmet: at the end of the day, as part of the cooking class, you’ll be taught how to make traditional dishes  and have the opportunity to taste typical wines from across the region. 

Limolo Activities ASD is based in Cabras; it promotes active and sustainable ecotourism programs (hiking, trekking, sailing etc. ) that shares a love and appreciation of the mid-west coast of Sardinia.

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Day 1: Arrival at Limolo B&B, Cabras (Oristano) by mid-morning. You’ll be welcomed and settled in to your rooms. We’ll start with a brief trek and a light lunch. Things to see: Santa Caterina bay and its ferrous sand, the flowers and rocks of the cliffs, a pebbly beach and a Nuraghe (an ancient megalithic structure,the symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture ). A flexible, easy level three-hour outing. The afternoon will then be spent strolling around age-old olive trees and tasting Evo Oil at Tanca Barbarossa estate. Dinner will be cooked by yourselves in Tanca Barbarossa degustazionea lesson featuring fresh pasta, flowers, chives and the first fruits of spring.

 Day 2: Trekking along the Sinis Coast.  Planned stops: Cape San Marco, Oasis of Seu, Mari Ermi, Is Arutas, Mai Moni and Su Tingiosu cliffs. cucina LimoloA 4 to 6 hour long walk. You’ll also have the chance to visit San Giovanni di Sinis Church and San Salvatore hypogeum and climb S’Argara Nuraghe hill. trancio muggine e cavoloFor this evening’s cooking class you’ll learn how prepare some fresh fish recipes

Day 3: Today you’ll trek across the Giara di Gesturi plateauwhere you’ll see wild horses and water buttercups in the marshes. A moderate 4 to 6hour long activity. Tuili Limolo trekkingThe duration and difficulty of the trek can be adjusted to your preference.

On our return, we’ll stop off for a visit at “Domus De Janas”, archeological settlement.  For dinner we’ll have typical Sardinian recipes with a modern twist!

 Day 4: Costa Verde. A final morning stroll signore ginepro ingurtosuaround old mines and washer buildings, exploring the sand dunes and admiring the junipers in Ingortusu. Light lunch before heading to the airport.

The program is an outline that may be modified should you wish to extend the length of your stay. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding any details or to enquire about any variations to the program. daniela@sinistable.com

Dates and Costs

Current dates: 5 – 8 May 2019; 9 – 13 May 2019.  Further dates can be agreed upon for the months of April and May.

Contact us for costs. Should you require any further details or wish to make any amendments or special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Difficulty level

The level of difficulty can be adjusted with the guide in advance to suit participants’ abilities. trekking Capo San Marco Generally, we have easy to normal level treks, where a minimal previous trekking experience is required. If you’d like any alterations in difficulty level or activities, this can easily be arranged.


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