Extra virgin olive oil: This is the moment!

We talk a lot about cooking and  the boom of sophisticated recipes in the current cuisine; still, we often forget giving value to a fundamental ingredient: olive oil.

Of course, Extra Virgin Olive Oil! As well as wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil world is rapidly evolving. Its evolution stretches from cultivation techniques, to the cultivation  quality, to more and more advanced olive-presses. And, in the end,bottling. presentation is important in memorable labels too.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil gets to our tables and kitchens as the perfect matching with food. There are many diverse flavors combined with dishes, tastes, seasons. For the good Extra Virgin Olive Oil really makes the difference.

Every bottle has its own story, which arises from hard work, sacrifice and great satisfaction. And so is for Tanca Barbarossa, which is making its ambitious debut in the oil market this autumn.

Tanca Barbarossa Olio

Paola Barbarossa has been working on the family olive grovesfor over two years now.    As an oil grower in her prime, she had to make important decisions that would ultimately reep a positive outcome for the product. It was a difficult year in Sardinia, especially in the area between the Sinis region and the flat land of Campidano, where our estate is located. She eventually chose to put forward the harvest in early Octoberdue to changes of temperature and heavy rains. A great risk for the yield but a good benefit for the oil, which thus best expressed its organoleptic characteristics. No more blends like in previous years but a collection of separate cultivars in purity. Certainly a much more demanding work.

The result? Two extra virgin olive oils were born: monocultivar Majorca and monocultivar Semidana. Soon to be released with the Tanca Barbarossa brand,both of them have a strong vegetation.

Majorca: more delicate, with a hint of tomato, aromatic herbs with a prevalence of basil, almond-flavored  and pleasant bitter and spicy sensations.

Semidana: a perfume referable to the artichoke, mint, it gives off more decisive notes of bitter and spicytaste on the palate.

After the first tasting round, Paola’s bold choice seemed to have been met with positive receptionby oiltasters and expertsommeliers.

Daniela Meloni Sinis TableA few days ago, during the first important dinner held in Sinis Table, I used Semidana to finish the serving of a fresh fennel, sprinkled pepper and bottargacream. My guests, which were accustomed to the best restaurants in France, were pleasantly surprised by Daniela Meloni’s Sinis Table.

But the greatest satisfaction will be learning it will be used by well eating lovers.

At this point, it’s an outstanding Christmas present!


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testo: Daniela Meloni