How I ended up in Is Arutas beach in Cabras

Beach of my dreams: last year I travelled to Sardinia two times and fall in love with the island and the beach of Is Arutas. So at the beginning of 2018 I decided to return and have some time to recharge my batteries. Therefore after making a research I have chosen the destination of Sinis and Cabras. This is a charming small fisherman village close to the beautiful seaside and with a good link to Oristano and by train to Cagliari and the airport too.


I couldn’t make a better decision. My host Daniela – who is the owner of Limolo B&B where I am helping as a guest through Workaways program. She is very fond of the local and more importantly the sustainable tourism of Sinis. Daniela transformed and renovated an old fisherman house to a charming place. Here the guests can enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Cabras. While I was walking in the village I found tiny local shops selling fresh fish, fruits and vegetables that she uses to cook amazing dishes from.

The beach that amazes me every time

In Cabras we can found the most beautiful beach I have ever seen called Is Arutas. Finally Daniela took me there last week with her friend Nannina to explore the long coast- WOW! Maybe the unique crystal sand there looks white from the distance but when you have a closer look you see that it is actually blue, white, black, rose, orange – it is magnificent! The contrast of the sand and beautiful turquoise sea is spectacular! The photo I took there became the photo of the week on Instagram by #visitcabras.

Other exciting activities in Sinis Peninsula

We were also so lucky to see a big group of flamingoes there – this was a huge experience for me as I saw them only in the zoo but not free in the nature.
Sardinia is an amazing island that you must to visit if you like the endless beaches, the sun, the blue-green colored sea and you like to eat food that is tasty. Daniela and her friends involve you into their Sardinian LIFE. I will be definitely back as Sinis and Dreaming Sardinian Experience Program. It  has lots to offer- sailing, kitesurfing, hiking, cooking in this real paradise!
Thank you Daniela! Katalin