Carnival in Sardinia, a bridge between past and present.

Carnival in Sardinia  is rather way different from the typical feast in the world (official website). In people ‘s mind it seems like Carnival was a joyful event where people disguise themselves, have fun,  sing and dance. It is not the same thing in Sardinia. Past and present  co-exist, the greatness of Sardinian history and traditions often emerges through the ceremonies taking place within the island. You can tell by the epic atmospheres of Sa Sartiglia and  the mysterious Mamuthones and Issohadores in Mamoiada.

Sartiglia in Oristano, horses, masks, trumpets, drums. What else?

First of all, Sa Sartiglia is the most remarkable feast in Campidano, the mid-west part of Sardinia. During this three-day event, some masked knights attempt to catch  a star-shaped silver ring, Sa Sartiglia, with their swords. This ceremony, which takes place in Oristano, starts with a parade featuring traditional Sardinian costumes. It becomes solemn when the knights enter the main street along with the powerful sound of trumpets and drums. A happy party will ensue, giving people the chance to taste traditional wines and sweets.

Mamuthones and Issohadores

The most noteworthy characters related to Carnival in Northern Sardinia are the Mamuthones and the Issohadores. While the first ones wear a black wooden mask and black fur clothes the latter wear a white mask and a red waistcoat. You can see them during the spectacular Mamoiada Carnival celebrations. These religious celebrations have their roots in the ancestral Dionysian cult and in the oral tradition. The heroes, witches and demons from those tales come back to life when some actors wear traditional masks and costumes.


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