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yThe Sport Association Limolo Activities aims at practicing and promoting sports through active and ecosostenible tourism, with special attention to sea activities, sailing navigation and other practices for sport therapy. Founded in 2015 by a group of friends sharing the same passion and several past experiences at sea, Limolo Activities restores the1973 Sparkman & Stephens sailboat Galatea, returning it to the sea. It is used for introductory sailing and navigation courses, short regattas, team building, and sport therapy with social aims too. Since 2016, Limolo Activities has joined forces with a very good team, in a pleasant and enriching exchange of passions and competences.
This has led to the invention and realization of the following activities.

Sailing with Parkinson Patients

This six-day program aims at introducing and practicing offshore sailing in a classic Sparkman&Stephens sail boat and other sea and sport  activicties.  Intense days are spent in the open air, before breathtaking landscapes which will often improve patients’ gestures, manual skills, balance and concentration in situations of necessity and problem solving. Thus, they gradually explore new, underestimated potentialities by learning how to handle sail boats, stand up paddle boards, treks, their own well-being and themselves autonomously.

Young People: From Sinis to Sinis.

The primary goal of this project consists of conveying the concept and the very meaning of the word ‘travelling’ and ‘sailing’ to passionate the kids about knowledge of nature and culture, richness of the seas and oceans, the Mediterranean Sea in particular. This activities will give them a chance of growing up and facing challenging situations, people and new events, also including applying new impulses while approaching the land we live in, climate changes and the fight against plastic in the seas.


Young week

An active enviromental education program for 10 to 15 year-old boys, brought to fruition for the first time in 2017 along with Edelweiss ski club Verona, In company with experts on the place and the activities, kids try sailing on our sail boats and take up new activities every day in order to learn how to deal with the sea and coastal environments and weather conditions. They are also able to cope with different situations and with the extents of prudence, wisdom and circumspection both these current and coming activities require. During this week, they learn to share their life and exigences, cooking and live together in a big eco-soustenible house, dealing with the issues of pollution, plastic in the seas, going to clean the beaches of waste brought by the sea and trying to elaborate reflections, good practices and solutions on this. Also in collaboration with the experts of the Sinis Maldiventre Marine Protected Area.


Ladies on the run

Still willing to move by sail boat and live adventures, some ladies in their seventies will be given the chance to spend an active tourism week on the west coast of Sardinia by going sailing on a Sparkman&Stephens boat from Limolo, along with its skipper Daniela and other young members of the association. This week will not only be studded with sailing maneuvers, treks, walks, good food and well-being, but also with stories, memories and life experiences. Past and present will be There will be blended in order to suspend us in time, in our time.

Giulio and the sea

Despite suffering from Parkinson’s disease, former yachtsman, aerospace engineer, tree and sail boat designer Giulio still prefers to spend a week with his family and enjoy his greatest passions, the sea and our classical Sparkman&Stevens sail boat, at the same time. It is the contrast between his new life and the wondrous natural environment of this part of Sardinia that helped him go over most of limits, commonplaces and difficulties related to his disease. Second edition of this activity took place in 2017.



This  is a five-day female adventure route, which is led by an expert in a team (an experienced couvh on group counseling) and aims at helping women find their own inner peace through the energy of nature. It’s a shared bonding and socializing experience taking place in the wild Sinis environment, in the West coast of Sardinia. This is a place where women will be given the chance to relate to their early, unsullied and sensitive selves thank to the several metaphors of  sea, sailing, yoga and bio-energetic activations and sensory inputs, eventually finding an empowerment and inner harmony.



This is a five-day male route whose creation was meant to enable boys to experience their own personal and relational skills and find a contact with their own strengths and weaknesses. Sea Activities, trekking  and orienteering games in the Sinis wilderness will encourage men to be self-confident and gain perfect harmony between strength and control.


Programs 2020

Limolo is currently engaged in the execution of the Erasmus Plus project with European partners and universities of Cagliari, entitled
He is developing “experience” activities for the promotion of the person’s mental and physical well-being through the use of nature and environmental activities in the next programs: Boys and girls sailing in marine parks, Sinis 4 Yoga, Sinis & Parky, Trekking & Gourmet


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Sinis trekking a Tharros


La bici nel Sinis percorre le rive degli stagni, corre lungo costa, sale sulle colline sormontate di nuraghi...

Sinis trekking a Tharros


Organizziamo d’abitudine escursioni lungo la costa dell’Oristanese, nelle regioni del Sinis e del Montiferru.