On the West Coast of Sardinia

Hiking & Gourmet is an active tourism program that is carried out in spring with several local experts on the environment and outdoor activities.You’ll spend five days immersed in culture, botany, archaeology and cooking.

Hiking: Sinis, Montiferru, Marmilla and Costa Verde. You be led to discover an unspoiled Sardinia, in search of the most spectacular landscapes. Wherever you go, you will be envelopped by beautiful flowers that fill Sardinia with their intense aromas and vibrant colours each spring.

And that’s not all: what makes these hiking activities unique are the several archaeological ruins from people who lived in Sardinia millennia ago. It’s the sole land of the nuraghes, the domus de janas, the graves of giants, of the sacred wells and unique bronze and stone sculptures. They are extraordinary and intriguing because of their past and the mystery behind their actual meaning.

Gourmet: at the end of the day, as part of the cooking class, you’ll be taught how to make traditional dishes and have the opportunity to taste typical wines from across the region.

Limolo Activities ASD is based in Cabras; it promotes active and sustainable ecotourism programs (hiking, trekking, sailing, and more ) that shares a love and appreciation of the mid-west coast of Sardinia.


fotografo fa birdwatching nello stagno di Cabras

Day One: Hiking along Cabras’salt lake.

Estimated time: 2 Hours
Level: Easy

Day 1: Arrival at Limolo B&B, Cabras (Oristano) by mid-morning. You’ll be welcomed and settled in to your rooms. We’ll start with a brief hike. Let’s start from the B&B and walk along the banks of the salt lake. Flora and fauna: marsh grasses, reed beds, fish and birds. Culture and traditions related to the lake. Natural products and processing. The weaving in craft baskets uses traditional and modern design. The “gold of Cabras”: the bottarga.

Aperitif at sunset by the pond with bottarga. Dinner based on fish and local products dal B&B.


Sinis trekking a Tharros

Day Two: Sinis – Maldiventre Procteted Marine Area.

Estimated time: 4 Hours
Level: Easy
Meal: light lunch

The path expands through the maquis and the quartz sands, with pink, purple and yellow flowers stippling the place.

The archaeological remains along the path are a sign of the past of the native Sardinians and all the other Mediterranean people come in this part of Sardinia. The blue Sinis sea is the background. We will either explore Cape San Marco through the surrounding path or cover the Oasis of Seu, Mari Erm by hiking along the quartz beaches Is Arutas, Mai Moni and the Sudingiosu cliffs.

Next to the path, there are other interesting sites you can visit upon agreement with the guide. These are the Phoenician and Punic city of Tharros, the San Giovanni church, the San Salvatore hypogeum. You will also have the chance to go up the hill of the nuraghe, which overlooks the entire area. Afternoon off.

A visit to an age-old olive grove. The end of the afternoon will be spent strolling around age-old olive trees and tasting Evo Oil and Carasau bread as aperitifs at Tanca Barbarossa estate.

Dinner: Cooking lesson: dishes made on local meats and products, typical Sardinian recipes and modern re-adaptations.

un cavallino della giara di Gesturi

Day Three: Hiking in Marmilla, Giara di Gesturi Plateau

Estimated time: 4 Hours
Level: Easy
Meal: light lunch

Marmilla is a region of gentle hills in the Sardinian inland. We will get up to the Giara Plateau through one of the less frequently utilized approaches , the rocky stairway used in the past by the coal burners, that runs through a wood of holm oaks covered in thriving moss and lichens and colored by cyclamens. We will reach the plateau flowering with asphodels, marigolds, wild orchids and white aquatic buttercups marshes covering the ponds. We will walk along the paths beaten by wild horses, that can be observed in their natural habitat.

On the way back, visit to a unique and spectacular archeological site: a very special Domus de Janas (prehistorical and mysterious “house of fairies”).

Dinner: fresh pasta and the most typical Sardinian dish, roast piglet

trekking costiero nel montiferru

Day Four: Stacks and flowers at the slopes of Montiferru

Estimated time: 4 Hours
Level: Easy (height / level may vary)
Meal: light lunch

We’ll be walking on the rocky coast, which was molded by the trickling lava of Montiferru. Starting from the Foghe tower (north), we’ll cross the path through the coast, reach the Spanish Towers and then come to the ridge by the sea. A natural palette with the colors of the poppies, the blooming cistuses and the spring grasses / grass. We’ll also trek in one of the least known Sardinian stretches of coast, moving among the flowers and the sea, And watching small gems of untouched sand, nestled by basalt and sandstone rocks in plates and fissures. Time estimated / duration: 4 hours.

Light Lunch: a local recipe, the Cuglieri panada. On the way home, we’ll admire a thousand-year old olive-tree during a short stop.

Cooking lesson: local food, such as meat, seasonal vagetables and wild plants for dinner.

fiori gialli su una duna della costa verde in sardegna

Day Five: Costa Verde. Ingurtosu’s mines. Dunes and flowers.

Estimated time: 4 Hours
Level: Easy
Meal: light lunch

La strada lungo le miniere e le laverie, edifici destinati al lavaggio dei minerali. Visita al complesso minerario di Ingortusu, museo e strutture minerarie. La Sardegna nel ‘900: miniere e minatori. Il film di Tornatore: “Il Figlio di Bakunin”. Camminata lungo i sentieri, i fiori sulle  dune di sabbia e i ginepri. Prosecuzione per l’aeroporto di Cagliari – Elmas con partenza in serata.


Limolo Bed and Breakfast camera Coast

Bed & Breakfast Limolo, a Cabras

The B&B is located in a local ancient house renovated in the name of eco-sustainability. Silence, peace and the colors of the sea. Accommodation in double rooms with single or double beds. Single occupancy is also available.

More info on www.limolo.it


due donne e un uomo sorridono mostrando ingrendienti freschi e verdure pronte per essere cucinate

Ricette tipiche, ingredienti locali, lezioni di cucina

Nell’ottica dell’ecosostenibilità e della cultura locale, tutti i pasti, colazioni, light lunches e cene, saranno a base di ingredienti freschi e locali. Fregola, Colurgiones, Sebadas, Panada, Malloreddusu. Le carni ed i pesci. Verdure e frutta di stagione. Il cibo come occasione di comunicazione e scambio di cultura e tradizioni. Strutturati come cooking lessons e condivisione, tutti i partecipanti potranno contribuire alla preparazione,osservare e apprendere tecniche di cucina tradizionali e moderne. Gustare i singoli ingredienti e i piatti finiti. Naturalmente decorati con i fiori edibili della primavera. Buon appetito!


The level of difficulty can be adjusted with the guide in advance to suit participants’ abilities. Generally, we have easy to normal level treks, where a minimal previous trekking experience is required. If you’d like any alterations in difficulty level or activities, this can easily be arranged. All participants must have got a sport enabling certificate from the general practitioner. All of them will be given a membership card to the Limolo Activities ASD Sport Association.


due donne in spiaggia mentre camminano sulla sabbia

We are planning 2021 dates, contact us for more info!

Average costs per person:

  • €140 (five guided walks)
  • €145 (four nights In Bed & Breakfast – double room
  • €20 for night (supplement for single room)
  • €170 (4 dinners with cooking lessons, 3 aperitifs, 6 light lunches)
  • €70 (Limolo membership)


Not included: flight and transportation to and from Cabras, and costs to reach the trekking locations, admission tickets to museums and archaeological sites (these visits need to be planned in advance). Transportation costs will be calculated on the basis of group size and needs, with rental of a minibus or cars directly rented by the participants. You are invited to contact us to verify details and precise costs according to your needs and wishes.



Contact us for costs. Should you require any further details or wish to make any amendments or special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or our tour operator! This also counts if you need planes, ships or trains to get to us.



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Sinis trekking a Tharros


La bici nel Sinis percorre le rive degli stagni, corre lungo costa, sale sulle colline sormontate di nuraghi…

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Sinis trekking a Tharros


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