Enjoy exploring, sport and fun with us and our trusted partners to discover the west coast and its waters. Sailing courses, local cooking lessons, trekking, orienteering and new friends await on the Sinis Peninsula.

Daniela al timone in barca a vela


Whether on a cabin cruiser, J24, or dinghy, Limolo and its partners offer sailing courses for all ages and abilities, and at different levels according to your ambitions: amateur, skipper, occasional sailor or racer.


We organise excursions along the coast of Oristano, in the regions of Sinis and Montiferru. Sometimes we go as far south as the marina of Arbus and explore the hinterland.

The regions of Marmilla and Costa Verde also offer routes of varying difficulty, perfect for a great experience outside of the usual itineraries.

Sinis trekking a Tharros
Ciclista pedala tra la vegetazione vicino al mare


Cycling in Sinis will take you along the shores of wetlands, along the coast, climbing hills topped by ancient nuraghi, past vineyards and cultivated fields of artichokes and melons, and vast expanses of swaying wheat sweeping down the sea. There are no particularly difficult climbs, and around here an excursion can last a few hours or the whole day – without requiring any particular athletic training.


Cuisine unites, intrigues, and imports and exports culture. The best way to round off a great day of outdoor activities, or as an integral part of excursions and visits to the surrounding area.

A cooking class is a wonderful way to understand and delve into the unique world that you have chosen to explore in Cabras and Sinis, around Montiferru and Marmilla.

Sinis trekking a Tharros
Ciclista pedala tra la vegetazione vicino al mare


In Cabras and the nearby regions of Sinis, Montiferru and Marmilla, traditions are preserved that are in danger of dying out elsewhere. Earthenware, ceramics, baskets of marsh herbs, bread and excellent food products. Local wares from forged knives to typical leatherwork. Sardinian artisans are capable, reserved and often little known, but they offer a lesson in culture and philosophy that is well worth a visit.


Dotted across the territory and adding a touch of nobility with their austere and minimalist style.

Ask us about the Romanesque itineraries or explore them in the “Smart Holiday” programmes by SinisTable: another unexpected treasure from a Sardinia that never ceases to surprise.

Sinis trekking a Tharros