Daniela Meloni

Daniela Meloni

Born in 1973, Daniela grew up among the coast and the Mal Di Ventre island .Her fascination with sailing led her to race on the most famous sailboats (Stormvogel, Amorita, Peter, Manitù, Wianno Senior, Swan 45 Jeroboam, di recente Il Moro di Venezia) all over the Mediterranean sea and the French Riviera. She learned how to sail from outstanding skippers and captains. By means of shipowner Vittorio Codecasa’s Swan 45 Jeroboam, she passed through the Caribbean, sailing from Martinique to Virgin Goda. Along with the New Zealand experienced skipper Graem Henry, she sailed on the sloop Casteele in Tasmania in 2016. She fostered and took part in the sloop Galatea 42 Santamaria Sparkman&Stephens restoration, which is currently held by her own association, Limolo Activities ASD.

A devoted and talented cooking enthusiast, she started attended and collaborated with the Accademia di Casa Puddu, a cooking school held by Michelin star-winning chef Roberto Petza (S’ApposentuRestaurant,Siddi).hiking dune ingurtosu limolo

After resigning from advocacy, she has started working on the conception and fulfillment of sailing, ecofriendly active tourism,Sardinian cuisine and food culture programs for Limolo Activities ASD.

Among the latest programs, there were the reruns of “Sardinian Cooking for crew” per Maxy Yacht regata e  Swan cup Porto Cervo(2016; 2017; 2018),  2017 e 2018); “Moro di Venezia” RegateRoyales Cannes e Volies Saint Tropez“ (2017 e 2018), “into the wild woman” – “Experience yourself”, “Sail4Parkinson”.( 2016 – 2018).

She’s currently working on the blog of www.sinistable.com website, which includes news about Sinis, Sardinia, sailing, cooking, reports and anecdotes about her journeys.