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Limolo B&B is in the old Cabras fishermen district, set between the pond and St. Mary church tra lo stagno e la Chiesa di Santa Maria. You can access it through two entrances (10 via Messina and and 56 Cesare Battista, respectively).

Our guests are accommodated in two typical Campidanese houses, which were renovated by means of wood, stone, glass, iron and other eco-friendly, natural materials. (Read restoration’s full story)

In accordance with their owner’s love for travelling, sailing and the sea, the houses are in the sailor-like style. They have got inner gardens embellished with roses, plants and Mediterranean scents. You can happily rest in the shade of citrus trees there.

Director Laura Bispuri chose the recently bought part of the building to shoot some scenes from her film “Figlia mia”. Starring Valeria Golino, Alba Rowhrwacher and Sara Casu, “Figlia mia” is the only Italian film included in the 2017 Berlin Film Festival and the only award-winning Italian film in International Film Festivals.

B&B’s program includes breakfast.

A great sailing and outdoor activities lover, the owner of Limolo is at the head of Limolo Activities, a sports association devoted to eco-friendly active tourism. You can either gain information about trips, points of interest and anything necessary to your stay or take part in typical activities of the Association.

We often have cooking lessons featuring local products.

Our Bed & Breakfast is available; you can rent the whole house too.

Find which accommodation suits you the most.

Gineprina (the passion for the wood)

A small, lovely room, it’s named after a juniper trunk, which was found at the sea and immured during the restoration.  You can still smell the resin of the trunk years later…

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Part of the wall mirrors the irregular shape of cob houses. At first, this was the wood oven room (“sa d’omu de orru”). Its furniture simply consists of shelves and coat hangers. Made of chestnut wood, bedside tables are modeled after the shape of trestles, which are generally used to keep boats up during maintenance. The walls of this room are embellished with photos of vintage and Latin sails, which were taken by famous Sardinian photographer Francesco Nonnoi. Private bathroom. A small room worth staying in during journey holidays. A private bathroom, a shower and a ceiling fan are included.. .


Cobs. Love for natural materials.

This can either act as a double or triple room where necessary. Obtained from the old shed, it overlooks the most hidden part of the garden. Its interior design is…

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Its interior design is sailing-themed. As a matter of fact, there are many pictures and photos about the owner’s voyages, journeys and regattas. This wide room is suitable for long-term stays too. It’s named after the “window” kept in the lime plaster to let us see the ladrini texture. Ladrini is the name given to those cobs typical of local buildings. Recently, the healthiness of these places has encouraged architects to reassess and revamp this building technique again. Original ladrini walls were kept and preserved in Limolo B&B. A private bathroom, a shower and a ceiling fan are included.


Love for the “Costa” (Cuelle and Vietti’s era)

This room acted as the oil and wine storehouse. Even though it’s the most beautiful and largest room in the B&B now, we still call it this way… 

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This is also the room which mirrors its owner’s love for Gallura and her trips to Costa Smeralda the most. 1970s Sardinian wax tiles constitute the lime plaster decor. This room features country wood beds and a bathroom provided with a whitened durmast sink shelf. There is also a juniper bulb socket. If necessary, it can be used as a triple room. Suitable for long-term stays, this room can host small families. A private bathroom in the room and a ceiling fan are included.

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